HUSQVARNA CHAINSAWNot many people realize just how much of an impact that this company has in the chainsaw industry. Husqvarna not only builds their own chainsaws, but they also own Jonsered, McCulloch, Poulan and are also the makers of many of the Sears brand Craftsman chainsaws. With such a strong presence in the chainsaw industry, you know that you’re getting a great saw at a reasonable price.

The original Husqvarna company is one of the oldest in the world, dating back to the 1600’s. The company is a large maker of outdoor power products and their lineup of chainsaws consists of over 20 different models. Husqvarna chainsaws are different from a number of other chainsaw manufacturers because they build not only just for homeowners but for professional tree removal companies as well.

Their gas chainsaw lineup consists of a number of saws which start at the top with one of the largest and most powerful saws in the world. The Husqvarna 3120 XP is a real workhorse, with a strong, magnesium crankcase and powerful 8.4 hp engine. With such a powerful engine, the 3120XP is able to handle a chainsaw bar between 24 and 42 inches, which is much larger than most chainsaws can safely handle. Eight saws in total make up the XP series which are their most durable saws meant for commercial purposes.

Husqvarna builds a number of middle range saws, which work as well as a homeowner or a professional, but if you are looking for small and light, they have the perfect saw for that as well. The Husqvarna 338XPT is a perfect small chainsaw. At just 7.7 lbs it’s easy to handle it can take either a 12 or 16-inch bar, which for most homeowners will be sufficient.

A number of other chainsaws of all different engine and bar sizes exist, making Husqvarna one of the easiest companies to find your perfect saw. They don’t just make a few saws that might work for most applications, but they make a large selection of saws so that you are able to find the exact chainsaw for your needs.

You will even find an electric chainsaw in the Husqvarna lineup. While not typically meant for heavy duty work, the lone Husqvarna electric chainsaw in their lineup is a good quality machine. Great for homeowners who want a light, inexpensive chainsaw, but at the same time powerful and durable. Since the company makes such good quality gas chainsaws, they have many benefits over other companies when it comes to their electric model. Built to the same level of quality, but with a different powerplant, a Husqvarna electric chainsaw is easy and safe to use, even with no experience.

Overall Husqvarna offers one of the best and most comprehensive lineups of chainsaws available on the market today. Whether you buy a new or used Husqvarna chainsaw, you can rest knowing that you have just purchased one of the best that there is.



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