POULAN CHAINSAWThere are a large number of power tools types available on the market out there and they all come at various prices. So what is the best power tools for you? Let’s read useful articles on my blog to define it yourself.

Looking for a chainsaw that can consistently get the job done without breakdowns and frustrations? A Poulan chainsaw is the perfect fit for the homeowner looking for a gas or electric chainsaw that they can keep for many years.

Ever since Poulan was founded in 1946 they have been a pioneer in the chainsaw and outdoor power equipment industry. In the 1970’s they joined forces with Weed Eater and Electrolux then subsequently became part of Husqvarna. Today, their parent company, Husqvarna owns many of the biggest names in the chainsaw industry and are committed to quality.

Poulan is a chainsaw manufacturer that currently makes both electric and gas powered chainsaws as they recognize that different tasks require a different kind of chainsaw. They make two different series of chainsaws including those simply called “Poulan” and another series called “Poulan Pro”. The Poulan series is distinguished by the signature bright green paint that has been in use by Poulan for many years, while the Poulan Pro models have a black and gold paint finish. A newer models series has also appeared in some stores, called the Poulan “WildThing”, which are light chainsaws with edgy graphics and paint schemes.

In terms of where Poulan chainsaws fit in the marketplace when compared to their competitors, they are perfect for homeowners and for use clearing brush and smaller trees. The company makes a number of different sizes of chainsaws with various bar sizes from 12 inch all the way up to 20 inches, with engine sizes. For the average homeowner of those with small acreages, the Poulan and Poulan Wild Thing series will be perfect, but for someone looking for a chainsaw with a little more muscle, the Pioneer Pro series is much more appropriate.

Since the company is owned by Husqvarna, which also owns a number of other brands and builds Craftsman chainsaws, you might see some design and feature similarities with other products.

In terms of price, Poulan chainsaws are considered value chainsaws. They’re priced lower than many of their competitors, making them a popular choice for people that don’t need a chainsaw to use every day. Poulan Pro chainsaws come with a DuraLife engine which is meant to last for many years, and their pull start system is easy to use, making starting a Poulan chainsaw easy. You will also love their tool free chain tensioning system, which is so handy when you’re clearing brush and don’t have any tools available. An automatic chain oiler also makes the job easy and their excellent air filtering system really helps to maximize the efficiency of the engine. If you plan to work only in your yard and close to a source of electricity, consider looking at one of their electric chainsaws. They have one of the most extensive lines of electric saws around and they’re perfect for pruning trees and clearing brush.

Overall Poulan chainsaws offer a great value for the money and are built with quality components, making them durable and long-lasting. When properly maintained and used, they will last for many years.


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