STIHL CHAINSAWStihl chainsaws are the most popular and top selling brand of chain saws in the world. If you ask anybody which is the most common brand they will tell you it is Stihl. Stihl is used by more occupations such as loggers farmers and construction workers than anybody else.

Stihl chainsaws are available in a broad range of categories that include OK Jenel used chain saws for small jobs around the home like cutting firewood. They also produce midrange chain saws which are good if you own larger pieces of property that have trees which need de-limbing.

If you are a professional and require more power or have much bigger jobs Stihl is one of the most dependable chainsaws that are made in the market today.

Like some of the other chainsaw manufacturers, Stihl produces a professional tree service chainsaw that is designed specifically for people who work in the tree in the landscaping business. These chainsaws are compact and weigh less than comparable models.

Stihl also produces electric chainsaws which are a fantastic choice for people who do not want to mess around with messy gasoline, oil or worry about making a lot of noise. But Stihl electric chain saws are very common for homeowners who just want to plug and play. These chainsaws are available in a range of power and weight options.

If you are a homeowner that is looking for a basic chainsaw the last for many years, we highly recommend you research a Stihl chainsaw in the MS series.

The MS series is a lightweight and easy to maneuver saw. These saws are skills lightest and most comfortable chain saws that are perfect for occasional jobs.

They are technically advanced in a way that eliminates the need to be forceful when starting the engine. All you simply have to do is make a short quick poll of the cord, and the engine will start easily.

These chainsaws come with engines of about 1.7 horsepower and are more than enough to get the host’s jobs done.

Stihls mid-range chainsaws are more durable and great for cutting firewood, farmers and people who need to take down the occasional large tree, cut down a limb or use for many hours at a time. These saws have much more engine power band the entry-level Stihl saw and include many performance features to make things cut more easily.

Things like an adjustable bar and chain Oiler, a side access chain tensioner. The Stihl MS 390 is a good example of Stihls engineering excellence. One of the most popular features in a Stihl chainsaw is the side access chain tensioner. Another feature which is great for seasonal operators is the carburetor preheat mechanism which can be used in both summer and winter.

The Stihl electric chain saw was awarded tools of the trade best in test award in 2007. It is a chainsaw that gives a terrific performance but will not bug the neighbors with a loud motor. Stihl electric chain saws have a quickie chain adjustment ability that makes chain tension easy to manage. It also has a very wide and safe trigger switch as well as a thermal overload system that will turn the machine off if it gets overloaded with too much workload.

These chainsaws also include front and rear guards for your hands. Overheating protection and coast down braking features which make this electric chain saw eight toll call pleasure to operate and own.

Stihl professional chain saws, such as the Stihl Magnum, has one of the best power ratios in the chainsaw business. Stihl professional chainsaws are Stihl the most popular choice for chainsaw professionals. On-line a professional series chainsaw from Stihl means that you will rarely have to worry about replacing parts or dealing with broken equipment. Things like heavy duty air filters and De- compression valves mean that you never have to worry about poorly made products.

Professional series chainsaws from Stihl come with engines 7 to 13 horsepower in range. This is a lot of power for almost any cutting application.

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