McCulloch was one of the early pioneers in the chainsaw industry, dating back to the 1940’s. Prior to the war, chainsaws were large and required two people to operate, but after the war when manufacturing technology increased dramatically, McCulloch was able to build chainsaws that look similar to what we are familiar with today.

MCCULLOCH CHAINSAWOriginally McCulloch was a company that specialized producing two-stroke gas engines and it wasn’t until a few years after their inception that they started building chainsaws. Founded by Robert McCulloch, this U.S. based company began in Milwaukee and was originally called McCulloch Motors before changing its name to McCulloch Corporation a number of years late. It’s because of their knowledge of building engines that they are able to produce high-quality chainsaws as well. Over the years the company built a number of different products but suffered financial strains in the 1990’s which saw the company sold off in pieces, partially to Husqvarna and partially to a Taiwan-based company called Jenn Feng Industrial.

Today’s lineup of McCulloch chainsaws has come a long way from those early models and now they produce some of the best chainsaws in the world. McCulloch has a full lineup of saws that will satisfy almost any homeowner looking for a great chainsaw.

For light work like pruning trees and cleaning up brush in a residential yard after a storm, McCulloch electric chainsaws will suffice. The electric chainsaw lineup made by McCulloch consists of 4 chainsaws, starting with a 1.5hp electric chainsaw with a 14-inch bar to a 4.5hp 16-inch chainsaw. Their electric chainsaws feature a tool free chain tensioning system, which is beneficial and their low kickback chains and sprockets assists even an amateur can easily handle an electric McCulloch chainsaw. For safety, a hand brake and handguard is installed, since we all know that operating a chainsaw in a safe manner is important.

When it comes to gas powered chainsaws, McCulloch’s gas chainsaw lineup consists of 5 models from 35cc to 40cc with bar lengths of 14 to 18 inches. Their size is best suited to residential yard work more than hardcore logging by a commercial tree cutting company.

Even though they may not be made for the commercial crowd, this doesn’t mean that they aren’t worth buying. Most of us use a chainsaw only a handful of times each year and for this use, they are perfect. Because their engines are fairly small and they aren’t equipped with long bars, they are best suited to smaller logs, of less than 32 inches around.

One of their unique features is their anti-vibration system that allows them to be operated for extended periods of time quite comfortably. An automatic oiler is also installed on McCulloch chainsaws, making their use hassle free so you can get the job done faster. Woodworking professionals and enthusiasts have many positive reviews of McCulloch chainsaws for use in woodworking because of their small and agile operation.


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