Floor sanding for dummies: how to repair floors with floor sanding?

Floor sandingFloor sanding is a process you need for removing the top surfaces of a wooden floor with the help of sanding with abrasive materials. Such floor materials like cork, timber, particleboard or even parquet can be sanded. Floor sanding is an easy, convenient and affordable way to make your floor look beautiful and lasting. There is a great variety of materials suitable for floor sanding.

Floor sanding: How to?

Basically, there are three main stages of floor sanding: preparation, sanding, and coating. Each step is very important and must be undertaken by people who have the grasp of things with the usage of advanced quality construction tools.

Most floor sanding jobs are made by specialized sanding power tool. Common power tools for woodworking are not suitable here. The majority of the material is removed by Industrial Power Tool – drum sander. Sometimes it’s difficult to work with some definite pieces of flooring. Those places which impossible to reach (corners, edges, stairs) are sanded by an edge.

Before floor sanding, you should prepare the surface. Remove all the furniture and personal belongings, as well as garbage. All nails must be removed because they can damage the sanding machine. Ask your family members or any other people to keep out of the place. You should be concentrated on work, and your kith and kin rushing to and fro won’t help you in this. Minimize the risks for your family during the process of floor sanding.

The process of floor sanding

So, the First cut is done with coarse-grit papers. It removes old coatings and differences in height between the boards. Then the belt sander is used. To create the final sending you need a finishing machine. The last step is to coat the floor with oils or other sealants.

Floor sanding machines require a lot of supervision. Always bear in mind these machines are very powerful that’s why don’t leave them in one place for long, otherwise it will eat the floor. Keep it moving. Watch the wires – you can entangle in them. Pay attention to any weird “behavior” of the power tool: atypical noises, uncharacteristic vibrations, etc. These are all signs of improper work. Probably the elementary unplug-plug manipulation will bring it back to life, but you’d probably have to repair it in order to finish your floor sanding.

When floor sanding is good?

Floor sanding can really change the look and character of your old floor. If it is pretty old or was damaged, floor sanding will help you to make it look attractive again. But there is always a limit how much it can be sanded. Thus, sometimes very old or hardly damaged floors are beyond repair. Sometimes it is better to replace the floor. Floor sanding is good for most floorings though. Use advanced power tools for woodworking and optimize the results. So, if you are planning some repairing job in your house, don’t forget about floor sanding.


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