Do you ever wonder how the whole chainsaw industry started? Dolmar Power Products is said to be the first to build a gas powered chainsaw. The founder of the company, Emil Lerp developed the chainsaw and began to mass produce it. This first chainsaw was called the “Type A” and it was a large machine that weighed over 100 pounds. Certainly not a machine for just one person to handle, but it began the search for the perfect chainsaw and allowed other manufacturers to have a starting point. The company then grew and developed many products over the years until it was acquired by Makita in 1991. The company is still based in Germany and builds some of the best chainsaws on the market today. The company, besides building the very first gas chainsaw also has the bragging rights to building the lightest gasoline powered chainsaw when it introduced the PS-221 TH in 2005.

DOLMAR CHAINSAWIn the gasoline chainsaw lineup, Dolmar has 22 different models to choose from. With so many models to choose from it’s not feasible to mention all of them here, but they all have similar features. Starting with one of their entry level chainsaws, the PS-34, it features an automatic chain lubrication system, a primer pump and a 1.9hp engine. This chainsaw will operate with either a 14 or 16 inch bar and should work well for homeowners who want a no-frills, durable and reliable chainsaw. Something to note regarding all Dolmar chainsaws are their unique handles, which help to reduce vibration, make them easy to handle and reduce fatigue when operating them for a long period of time.

There are a number of high quality Dolmar chainsaws and the largest model in the lineup is the Dolmar PS-9010. This is a large chainsaw that can easily meet the demands of the professional logger or tree removal business operators. It comes with an integrated chain brake, a high torque motor that puts out almost 7hp and it weights just 17.4 pounds. You can attach a 20,24,28 or 32 inch bar safely and this saw has plenty of power to handle almost anything that you can throw at it.

For many company’s, their electric chainsaws are more of an afterthought and people don’t expect much from them, but this isn’t the case with Dolmar. They put just as much quality design and thought into their electric chainsaws as they do their gas ones. They currently offer two different electric chainsaws that offer homeowners a small, lightweight chainsaw with plenty of power. Whether cleaning up around the yard in the spring, or cleaning up after a storm, a Dolmar electric chainsaw is a good choice. They weigh less than 10 pounds, meaning that they make a great pruning chainsaw and when you’re done, simply unplug them and put them away until next season. They’re low maintenance and easy to use so you don’t have to be a professional to get the most out of a Dolmar electric chainsaw.


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