ECHO CS-450PEcho chainsaws come in a number of different versions. The entry-level versions have a 30.5 CC motor. Echoes most powerful chainsaw provides incredible power and performance with an 80.7 cc engine.

Most of the chain saws in the echo line include top mounted air filters reinforced bars side accessed chain tensioner.

This year ago introduced a CS 310 which is a professional saw with a lightweight design.

For somebody who is an outdoor enthusiast, the CS 330 MX4 chainsaw comes with a camouflage pattern and a 32 CC 2 stroke engine. This model also includes an inertia chain break which will stop the chain rotation in 0.15 seconds. This model also includes a well designed handle which many users have described as providing excellent saw balance.

Other great features on this model include recessed or oil and gas caps that are color coded and securely connected.

All echo chainsaws come with a five year consumer and one year commercial warranty.

For longer lasting the engines echo has included an engine air filter that will spin out any dirt before it is filtered.

Many people say that echo chainsaws represent some of the best value in their class. It is very common for people to buy the mid grade echo chainsaws especially if you are in professional tree care of a farmer or a rancher.

A good example of an mid grade chainsaw from echo is the CS – 370. This model also includes echoes well-known inertia type chain brake and rear access automotive style filter. It also has an adjustable automatic oiler. This is a great feature which will always extend the life of the bar and the chain.

The most popular saw from echo is the CS – 670. This saw provides very good speed. It only ways 14 pounds and comes with a 24 inch bar and chain.

Echo is a company which is recognized as a leader in professional quality Power Equipment that is handheld. They have been making hand held land equipment t for over 30 years. Echo has a special relationship with Home Depot that began in 1994. While echo had sold to the consumer market for decades before partnering with Home Depot, this really made the company grow. Echo is owned by the Kioritz company of Japan and has over a dozen distributors in North America.

In addition to chain saws echo produces a number of other handheld gas powered homer and professional landscaping tools.

Many people like echo chainsaws because they are quite light. This is a good thing for people who arborists. It is important to keep your chain well oiled. Echo is well known for its black gray and orange color scheme. Many people will not buy echo as their primaries saw if they are professionals, however they make excellent back up the saws and parts are easily replaced.

If something breaks, bars and chains are always available at Home Depot for a great price and many people report that this sought burns less gas than other competitors like stihl.

Enjoy this and want to find something similar? Read more at Echo CS 400 Review


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