electric-chainsawOften when you see people operating a chainsaw in a professional environment they are using a gas powered chainsaw, but not always. Electric chainsaws also have many uses and can sometimes be advantageous when used on certain jobs and settings.

Professional loggers and tree removal experts often use gas simply because they are portable, but if you’re a homeowner who just needs a small, simple and light chainsaw to complete some yard work or do a little pruning, an electric chainsaw is perfect.

One of the benefits to using an electric chainsaw is the size and weight. Electric chainsaws are much lighter than gas powered chainsaws. They are not as powerful in most cases, but they are certainly lightweight. For simple pruning of a tree in your yard, an electric chainsaw is preferable.

One of the downfalls that many people experience with electric chainsaws is finding adequate power to operate them. For those that are using them around their yard, it’s easy to plug them into an extension cord and have enough power to operate.

Some people look at electric chainsaws and immediately dismiss them, but they do have many benefits as well. For example, with electric chainsaws, they just don’t need as much maintenance as a gas chainsaw. You can use them, unplug them and then just put them in the garage or basement until the next use. There’s no fuel to drain and electric engines just don’t have some of the issues that gas engines have. Usually you just have to plug them into electricity and they’re ready to go. The trade-off of course is with the portability. As long as you are close to a building, you can plug them in, but if you are not, you will have to bring a long a generator, or buy a gas chainsaw.

Another positive aspect of an electric chainsaw is their cost. When you purchase a gas powered chainsaw, you are going to pay a premium for it. With an electric chainsaw, you can purchase them for a very low price, in many cases below $100 even when they are brand new.

Electric chainsaws are perfect for those concerned about the environment as well since their engines burn clean and they don’t have the emissions like gas chainsaws do. Today, with all the focus on greenhouse gas emissions, this makes electric chainsaws very practical and appealing.

The last benefit to electric chainsaws is the lack of kickback. With gas powered saws, they do experience some kickback and need a bit of practice to master. Electric chainsaws are easier to handle and perfect for a new user with no previous experience.

Next time you’re in the market for a new chainsaw, give an electric chainsaw a far look. They have many benefits and for the average homeowner looking to clean up their yard, they offer many benefits and are economical. There are many different manufacturers of electric chainsaws including Poulan, Dolmar and Homelite so you won’t have a hard time finding a great deal on an electric chainsaw.


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