Jonsered chainsawWhat do you get when you spend 60 years perfecting chainsaw design and manufacturing processes? You get Jonsered chainsaws! These exceptional chainsaws are the product of years of testing and improvement until you end up with a great chainsaw. It’s this spirit of innovation that has lead the company since it began in the 1830’s in a small town in Sweden. First operating as a company that manufactured wood processing machinery and equipment, they transitioned into building chainsaws after their remarkable first attempt in 1954. When Jonsered first offered a chainsaw in 1954 the company was an innovator right from the start, building their first chainsaw that is quite similar to what we use today. They were one of the first to offer a one man chainsaw, in a world when the market was dominated by large chainsaws that took two men to operate. This first chainsaw was a hit and the company began to grow at a phenomenal rate after this point. Today the company is spread out all over the world, with factories in 10 countries and products are sold by over 6000 dealers that are committed to selling great products.

Within the small gas chainsaw lineup the CS 2238 is the entry level machine. It’s the perfect homeowner chainsaw, not too big, but also not too small. It will be perfect for pruning and storm cleanup and taking down small trees. It’s easy to handle and best of all, has a clean, environmentally friendly engine.

Jonsered is very strong in the 40 to 50cc mid-range chainsaws, offering 6 different models to choose from. For a homeowner that demands a little more from there chainsaw than a small chainsaw can provide, these are perfect. Even semi-professional loggers and tree trimmers enjoy the flexibility of a smaller chainsaw once in a while, and the Jonsered CS 2150, 2145, 2141, 2245 and 2250 are ideal.

Taking it to the next level, Jonsered offers 9 chainsaws in the 50 to 70cc range, which appeal more to professionals, but also to large woodlot owners. One unique chainsaw in the Jonsered lineup is the CS 2159 which features a carburetor that has built in fuel compensation, which means that the air and fuel mixture is always perfect, so you don’t lose power over time. This saw also has a catalytic converter that reduces emissions, which in today’s environmentally sensitive world, it very important.

When it comes to professional grade chainsaws, Jonsered has one of the most comprehensive lineups. Professionals who need to take down large trees, need a powerful chainsaw that’s going to be reliable. Within the 70-95cc range, Jonsered manufactures six different models. With all the features that professionals demand like a vibration dampening system, an oil pump that’s adjustable and rubber handle grip. These saws are great for big trees, especially hardwood trees and should easily meet the demands of even the most hardworking logger or professional.

Overall, Jonsered chainsaws are some of the best in the industry and especially for professionals, they have what it takes for productivity and profitability. In today’s economy we all know how important it is to make our money work hard for us and that’s exactly what Jonsered chainsaws will do.


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