Echo CS-450 Gas Chainsaw 20 Inch Review

echo chainsawManufactured by Echo, recommended by professional, widely used among farmers and ranchers and made in America – that is the 20 Inch CS-450 Gas Echo chainsaw. This chainsaw has many uses – it can be sued for cutting down timber, trimming the trees or even making ice sculptures. It has left a lot of customers satisfied with its performance.

Founded in Northbrook during 1972 and as the Kioritz Corporation of America during that time and reestablished as Echo Inc in 1978, the company was an importer of high-quality and high performance 2-stroke 2-cycle engines and other powered tools for Kioritz Japan. Today Echo, products are world renowned for their performance and reasonable prices.

Price and performance are some of the Echo’s strengths. The CS-450 20 inch Echo chainsaw’s a testament to that.  The CS-450 20 inch Echo chainsaw is mid range product line with an upgraded engine. The 20 inch blade can carve through thick timber — and anything it comes across with. The CS-450 model has two smaller saw blades available such as 18 inch and 16 inch.

The CS-450 Echo chainsaw is equipped with the “Power Boost Vortex” engine which gives power to the 20 inch saw blade. The additional power of 45cc motor gives you more additional control and power. The digital ignition system installed in the CS-450 Echo chainsaw makes it easier to start the engine without yanking it too hard. CS-450 Echo chainsaw has also a automatic engine timing for those perfect revs and undistorted power transfer, and has a built in automatic oil clutch mechanism.

The CS-450 Echo chainsaw tensioner adjuster can be accessed at the side for better reach. The CS-450 Echo chainsaw engine has the familiar Butterfly-Valve Diaphragm construction and a pump purge for optimum efficiency. The air filter cabinet can be found at top rear end of the unit, this air filter resemble those of automotive cars which is a tool free access feature. The air filter does a remarkable job in collecting all the dust and dirt.

The fuel capacity for the CS-450 Echo chainsaw is about 15.2 fl. Oz and an oil capacity of 9.5 fl. Oz. Without its fuel and oil, the overall weight of the CS-450 Echo chainsaw is about 11.2 pounds, which is still light even when the motor got bigger.


Against the other brands in same class, the CS-450 Echo chainsaw has a good value for your money. Its powerful engine can carve through a tree with a diameter of 36 inch without straining


Some customer complain about bad bar quality

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