This is a compact chainsaw that represents possibly the best value that you can have while buying a chainsaw. It is designed to be easy to use and for users who don’t intend to use it for extended periods of time. Furthermore, it is equipped with a number of safety features that ensures that you don’t have a tough time while handling it.


This chainsaw is something for people who are new in the market and are having a tough time deciding on what to buy. It is a pretty good option for those users who have nothing else much to choose from or are confused from the number of options that they have. Ideally, this would be suitable for homeowners who are looking for something to use once in a while and also that won’t cost them a lot of money.

This chainsaw is known to start up easily without any hassles and does not need to be used every other day. You can put it away for extended periods of time and still expect it to work at a later date, when you suddenly decide to take it out.


It is a very good beginner’s saw, and worth the money you pay for it. If you are in the market looking for something to help you with small work around your house, then this is the saw for you.



STIHL 028The chainsaw that is designed for people who are looking for something a little more powerful than the 025 is the Stihl 028.


This chainsaw is primarily designed for users who feel that the Stihl 025 is underpowered and cannot get the job done for them. Although only slightly more powerful than the 025, it is still a competent product that can help even the most inexperienced user. Combined with the safety features, it is a worthy product and can be considered in case you are looking for something more powerful than the beginner’s chainsaw models.


With a multitude of features that help it to start smoothly and effortlessly, the Stihl 028 is a very capable performer that can excite even the seasoned lumberjack with his daily work. It even burns clean thanks to the advanced technology that is incorporated into the machine while building the chainsaw itself. Furthermore, this chainsaw is also designed with a sturdy 33” blade that can help even tall people work with it effortlessly.
Other features of the chainsaw includes an easy maintain body, like with other Stihl models. Additionally, the user can service certain parts without having to do anything difficult or complicated. All these features have caused this model to be popular with the masses.


The chainsaw is slightly costlier than the 025, but is still worth the money as you do get a better chainsaw. If at first you don’t like the 025 and feel that it is underpowered, then this chainsaw is worth looking over.


STIHL 029Purpose

With a high end engine and a decently powerful motor, this is one chainsaw that is capable of impressing anyone with even a slight interest in chainsaws. Many people who go in for this chainsaw like the raw power that the chainsaw delivers.

For general usage around home as well as for purposes that might arise beyond what a normal home owner is exposed to, this is truly an impressive chainsaw. Combined with its power and strong blade, it is a very powerful device that should be handled with care.


The chainsaw is very well designed and is guaranteed to ensure that your chopping needs are satisfied. In case you need to get fresh firewood, there is no better a companion that this particular chainsaw. It can get the job done in minutes and need the least bit of effort.

Some of the strong aspects of this chainsaw are the strong power, easy to reach controls, light weight as well as a plethora of safety features. It definitely doesn’t compromise on any front and will deliver in terms of performance and remain great value for money at the same time.


For the price, this is a very good chainsaw that is used by a lot of individuals the world over for a variety of different purposes. If you are in the market for a mid size chainsaw, this is definitely worth considering.


STIHL 034This is an upper midsized chainsaw that is widely renowned for being powerful and balanced at the same time.


This saw is a big hit with professional woodcutters who need high quality equipment for getting the job done. Although not a full sized saw, it does come awfully close to one. In fact, many homeowners and hobbyists too go in for this model if they find it lucrative enough, since it is actually cheaper than most models that have similar features.


The saw is known to be powerful enough to even bring down large trees. The power developed by the chainsaw is really impressive, and should be handled only by someone who has adequate experience with such chainsaws. The power, combined with the lightweight is sure to leave a lasting impression. In fact, many people are surprised that this model is not considered a pro model owing to its reduced size and price.

All features that are found in the lower end models are standard on the Stihl 034, plus you have more options in addition to the ones you get with the beginner’s saws. Furthermore, the saw is also known to be long lasting, and needs minimal maintenance and gives you long years of service in return.


As it is more than a beginner’s saw, it commands a higher price, but not as much as an equivalent Husqervana. The low price combined with some really neat features makes this a worthy choice for anyone interested in buying a decent chainsaw that will be used quite often.

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