Working with a Chainsaw Sharpener

Chainsaw SharpenerWhen you purchase items for work outside, you will also need to purchase the many accessories that can help ensure that the items work in as effective a manner as possible. For example, purchasing a chainsaw can be undermined if you do not have access to the much needed chainsaw sharpener that can help enhance and improve the way the chainsaw operates. In fact, owning a chainsaw sharpener should be seriously considered by anyone that regularly (or even occasionally) uses a chainsaw.

When a chainsaw is properly sharpened, it will operate in the most effective manner possible. That means the difficulty level of all tasks at hand will cease being all that difficult. A properly sharpened chainsaw will cut through all that it is tasked with cutting in a quick and efficient manner. This will dramatically reduce the amount of time one would have to waste working with a chainsaw that is not an effective tool.

Then, there is also an issue of safety at play as well. When a chainsaw is not properly sharpened, there will always be the potential for problems related with the chainsaw becoming stuck, the wood not being cut evenly and properly, or wood chips flying out of the bottom of the saw. Needless to say, all these hazards present very serious dangers which could result in extremely serious injury. Rather than face such a problem, would it not be a much better idea to purchase a chainsaw sharpener that will certainly improve the actual effectiveness of the saw. To do otherwise would present a safety risk that would not be tolerable.

Of course, the quality of the chainsaw sharpener will play a large role in its ability to be effective. No consumer should take a risk purchasing a sharpener that is decidedly low in quality since this would undermine the purpose of purchasing the saw in the first place. That is why is it certainly advisable to stick with a name brand sharpener that has a solid reputation for delivering quality. Again, to do otherwise means the chainsaw may very well not end up being properly sharpened. Really, what would be the benefit of that?

Sharpening your chainsaw regularly is also highly advisable. Purchasing the sharpener and not putting to good use will not help ensure the effectiveness and safety of the actual chainsaw. This does not mean that you must perpetually sharpen the chainsaw, but you should do it enough that the saw remains effective. Most people that have been using chainsaws for quite some time already know this. Those that are newbies should take the advice.

Also, store your chainsaw sharpener in a safe area that protects it from wear and tear. You would not want the sharpener to degrade in any way as this could cause a lot of harm to the sharpener and render it ineffective.


Homelite chainsaws are the perfect chainsaw for the average homeowner, but the name Homelite was actually introduced because the company was an electricity company that was the first setup in the early days of electricity, but today the name appropriately reflects the production of products for homeowners. Most of us have small, urban yards with few trees that need to be pruned once in a while. Maybe there was a storm and you have some tree limbs littering your yard and you need to remove them. Whatever your residential needs may be, there’s a Homelite chainsaw that will do the job.

Homelite chiansawIt wasn’t until 1946 that the company created its first chainsaw, an electric chainsaw but it was in 1949 that the company really made an impact. It was then that Homelite built the very first one person chainsaw, an incredible innovation at that time. Prior to the Homelite one person chainsaw, they were large machines that required to people to operate and were not very portable. This was a turning point for the company and gave the company instant recognition for their achievement. Later on, another milestone for the company would come in 1978 when they built and shipped over 1 million chainsaws.

With such a strong history in the chainsaw business, it’s no surprise that they build some great chainsaws. Today, for a company to be around for as long as Homelite has been, it’s imperative that they build quality products and that’s exactly what they do.

Unfortunately, even when a company builds great products, they will experience some problems. In 2008 for example, the company faced a large recall of over 300,000 chainsaws because of a design flaw that caused the chain brake to fail or break off. This was a setback for the company, but they quickly recalled the products and offered to fix them. The only chainsaws that were affected by this recall were models built for Home Depot stores and sold between December 2007 and October 2008.

In terms of model lineup, Homelite currently makes two electric chainsaws and four gas powered saws. Their hassle free electric saws make easy work of storm clean up or pruning when an electrical source is close by. With either a 14 or 16-inch bar models available, a Homelite electric chainsaw will work well for the urban homeowner. With plenty of safety features, even those with no experience operating a chainsaw will be able to easily operate a Homelite. They’re easy to maintain, durable and comfortable to operate, even for long periods of time thanks to their comfortable hand grip. These chainsaws are light and value priced so they’re well within reach of almost every homeowner.

When it comes to gas chainsaws, Homelite has one that will suit your needs. Starting with a 14 inch, the company also makes a 16 inch, 18 inch and a 20 inch for those looking to cut through massive trees. With powerful 2 stroke engines and automatic chain oilers, these are easy to use, comfortable and affordable. The largest model with the 20-inch bar comes with a 46cc engine, which is plenty of power for almost any residential task. They make cleaning up after a tornado, hurricane or ice storm easier and faster.


McCulloch was one of the early pioneers in the chainsaw industry, dating back to the 1940’s. Prior to the war, chainsaws were large and required two people to operate, but after the war when manufacturing technology increased dramatically, McCulloch was able to build chainsaws that look similar to what we are familiar with today.

MCCULLOCH CHAINSAWOriginally McCulloch was a company that specialized producing two-stroke gas engines and it wasn’t until a few years after their inception that they started building chainsaws. Founded by Robert McCulloch, this U.S. based company began in Milwaukee and was originally called McCulloch Motors before changing its name to McCulloch Corporation a number of years late. It’s because of their knowledge of building engines that they are able to produce high-quality chainsaws as well. Over the years the company built a number of different products but suffered financial strains in the 1990’s which saw the company sold off in pieces, partially to Husqvarna and partially to a Taiwan-based company called Jenn Feng Industrial.

Today’s lineup of McCulloch chainsaws has come a long way from those early models and now they produce some of the best chainsaws in the world. McCulloch has a full lineup of saws that will satisfy almost any homeowner looking for a great chainsaw.

For light work like pruning trees and cleaning up brush in a residential yard after a storm, McCulloch electric chainsaws will suffice. The electric chainsaw lineup made by McCulloch consists of 4 chainsaws, starting with a 1.5hp electric chainsaw with a 14-inch bar to a 4.5hp 16-inch chainsaw. Their electric chainsaws feature a tool free chain tensioning system, which is beneficial and their low kickback chains and sprockets assists even an amateur can easily handle an electric McCulloch chainsaw. For safety, a hand brake and handguard is installed, since we all know that operating a chainsaw in a safe manner is important.

When it comes to gas powered chainsaws, McCulloch’s gas chainsaw lineup consists of 5 models from 35cc to 40cc with bar lengths of 14 to 18 inches. Their size is best suited to residential yard work more than hardcore logging by a commercial tree cutting company.

Even though they may not be made for the commercial crowd, this doesn’t mean that they aren’t worth buying. Most of us use a chainsaw only a handful of times each year and for this use, they are perfect. Because their engines are fairly small and they aren’t equipped with long bars, they are best suited to smaller logs, of less than 32 inches around.

One of their unique features is their anti-vibration system that allows them to be operated for extended periods of time quite comfortably. An automatic oiler is also installed on McCulloch chainsaws, making their use hassle free so you can get the job done faster. Woodworking professionals and enthusiasts have many positive reviews of McCulloch chainsaws for use in woodworking because of their small and agile operation.


POULAN CHAINSAWThere are a large number of power tools types available on the market out there and they all come at various prices. So what is the best power tools for you? Let’s read useful articles on my blog to define it yourself.

Looking for a chainsaw that can consistently get the job done without breakdowns and frustrations? A Poulan chainsaw is the perfect fit for the homeowner looking for a gas or electric chainsaw that they can keep for many years.

Ever since Poulan was founded in 1946 they have been a pioneer in the chainsaw and outdoor power equipment industry. In the 1970’s they joined forces with Weed Eater and Electrolux then subsequently became part of Husqvarna. Today, their parent company, Husqvarna owns many of the biggest names in the chainsaw industry and are committed to quality.

Poulan is a chainsaw manufacturer that currently makes both electric and gas powered chainsaws as they recognize that different tasks require a different kind of chainsaw. They make two different series of chainsaws including those simply called “Poulan” and another series called “Poulan Pro”. The Poulan series is distinguished by the signature bright green paint that has been in use by Poulan for many years, while the Poulan Pro models have a black and gold paint finish. A newer models series has also appeared in some stores, called the Poulan “WildThing”, which are light chainsaws with edgy graphics and paint schemes.

In terms of where Poulan chainsaws fit in the marketplace when compared to their competitors, they are perfect for homeowners and for use clearing brush and smaller trees. The company makes a number of different sizes of chainsaws with various bar sizes from 12 inch all the way up to 20 inches, with engine sizes. For the average homeowner of those with small acreages, the Poulan and Poulan Wild Thing series will be perfect, but for someone looking for a chainsaw with a little more muscle, the Pioneer Pro series is much more appropriate.

Since the company is owned by Husqvarna, which also owns a number of other brands and builds Craftsman chainsaws, you might see some design and feature similarities with other products.

In terms of price, Poulan chainsaws are considered value chainsaws. They’re priced lower than many of their competitors, making them a popular choice for people that don’t need a chainsaw to use every day. Poulan Pro chainsaws come with a DuraLife engine which is meant to last for many years, and their pull start system is easy to use, making starting a Poulan chainsaw easy. You will also love their tool free chain tensioning system, which is so handy when you’re clearing brush and don’t have any tools available. An automatic chain oiler also makes the job easy and their excellent air filtering system really helps to maximize the efficiency of the engine. If you plan to work only in your yard and close to a source of electricity, consider looking at one of their electric chainsaws. They have one of the most extensive lines of electric saws around and they’re perfect for pruning trees and clearing brush.

Overall Poulan chainsaws offer a great value for the money and are built with quality components, making them durable and long-lasting. When properly maintained and used, they will last for many years.


HUSQVARNA CHAINSAWNot many people realize just how much of an impact that this company has in the chainsaw industry. Husqvarna not only builds their own chainsaws, but they also own Jonsered, McCulloch, Poulan and are also the makers of many of the Sears brand Craftsman chainsaws. With such a strong presence in the chainsaw industry, you know that you’re getting a great saw at a reasonable price.

The original Husqvarna company is one of the oldest in the world, dating back to the 1600’s. The company is a large maker of outdoor power products and their lineup of chainsaws consists of over 20 different models. Husqvarna chainsaws are different from a number of other chainsaw manufacturers because they build not only just for homeowners but for professional tree removal companies as well.

Their gas chainsaw lineup consists of a number of saws which start at the top with one of the largest and most powerful saws in the world. The Husqvarna 3120 XP is a real workhorse, with a strong, magnesium crankcase and powerful 8.4 hp engine. With such a powerful engine, the 3120XP is able to handle a chainsaw bar between 24 and 42 inches, which is much larger than most chainsaws can safely handle. Eight saws in total make up the XP series which are their most durable saws meant for commercial purposes.

Husqvarna builds a number of middle range saws, which work as well as a homeowner or a professional, but if you are looking for small and light, they have the perfect saw for that as well. The Husqvarna 338XPT is a perfect small chainsaw. At just 7.7 lbs it’s easy to handle it can take either a 12 or 16-inch bar, which for most homeowners will be sufficient.

A number of other chainsaws of all different engine and bar sizes exist, making Husqvarna one of the easiest companies to find your perfect saw. They don’t just make a few saws that might work for most applications, but they make a large selection of saws so that you are able to find the exact chainsaw for your needs.

You will even find an electric chainsaw in the Husqvarna lineup. While not typically meant for heavy duty work, the lone Husqvarna electric chainsaw in their lineup is a good quality machine. Great for homeowners who want a light, inexpensive chainsaw, but at the same time powerful and durable. Since the company makes such good quality gas chainsaws, they have many benefits over other companies when it comes to their electric model. Built to the same level of quality, but with a different powerplant, a Husqvarna electric chainsaw is easy and safe to use, even with no experience.

Overall Husqvarna offers one of the best and most comprehensive lineups of chainsaws available on the market today. Whether you buy a new or used Husqvarna chainsaw, you can rest knowing that you have just purchased one of the best that there is.


STIHL CHAINSAWStihl chainsaws are the most popular and top selling brand of chain saws in the world. If you ask anybody which is the most common brand they will tell you it is Stihl. Stihl is used by more occupations such as loggers farmers and construction workers than anybody else.

Stihl chainsaws are available in a broad range of categories that include OK Jenel used chain saws for small jobs around the home like cutting firewood. They also produce midrange chain saws which are good if you own larger pieces of property that have trees which need de-limbing.

If you are a professional and require more power or have much bigger jobs Stihl is one of the most dependable chainsaws that are made in the market today.

Like some of the other chainsaw manufacturers, Stihl produces a professional tree service chainsaw that is designed specifically for people who work in the tree in the landscaping business. These chainsaws are compact and weigh less than comparable models.

Stihl also produces electric chainsaws which are a fantastic choice for people who do not want to mess around with messy gasoline, oil or worry about making a lot of noise. But Stihl electric chain saws are very common for homeowners who just want to plug and play. These chainsaws are available in a range of power and weight options.

If you are a homeowner that is looking for a basic chainsaw the last for many years, we highly recommend you research a Stihl chainsaw in the MS series.

The MS series is a lightweight and easy to maneuver saw. These saws are skills lightest and most comfortable chain saws that are perfect for occasional jobs.

They are technically advanced in a way that eliminates the need to be forceful when starting the engine. All you simply have to do is make a short quick poll of the cord, and the engine will start easily.

These chainsaws come with engines of about 1.7 horsepower and are more than enough to get the host’s jobs done.

Stihls mid-range chainsaws are more durable and great for cutting firewood, farmers and people who need to take down the occasional large tree, cut down a limb or use for many hours at a time. These saws have much more engine power band the entry-level Stihl saw and include many performance features to make things cut more easily.

Things like an adjustable bar and chain Oiler, a side access chain tensioner. The Stihl MS 390 is a good example of Stihls engineering excellence. One of the most popular features in a Stihl chainsaw is the side access chain tensioner. Another feature which is great for seasonal operators is the carburetor preheat mechanism which can be used in both summer and winter.

The Stihl electric chain saw was awarded tools of the trade best in test award in 2007. It is a chainsaw that gives a terrific performance but will not bug the neighbors with a loud motor. Stihl electric chain saws have a quickie chain adjustment ability that makes chain tension easy to manage. It also has a very wide and safe trigger switch as well as a thermal overload system that will turn the machine off if it gets overloaded with too much workload.

These chainsaws also include front and rear guards for your hands. Overheating protection and coast down braking features which make this electric chain saw eight toll call pleasure to operate and own.

Stihl professional chain saws, such as the Stihl Magnum, has one of the best power ratios in the chainsaw business. Stihl professional chainsaws are Stihl the most popular choice for chainsaw professionals. On-line a professional series chainsaw from Stihl means that you will rarely have to worry about replacing parts or dealing with broken equipment. Things like heavy duty air filters and De- compression valves mean that you never have to worry about poorly made products.

Professional series chainsaws from Stihl come with engines 7 to 13 horsepower in range. This is a lot of power for almost any cutting application.

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