How To Sharpen A Chainsaw?

Do you know how to sharpen a chainsaw at home?

The best idea to keep your chainsaw doing work securely and ideal operation is making sure your chainsaw chain is always sharp. You have to do some chainsaw care to keep it sharp.

Do you know the time your cutting tool should have cared?

sharpen a chainsawOne of the clearest pointers shall be the reality that you will probably be finding the work more tricky to try and do. If the chainsaw blade is dull you must put out strain to make your task finished. This is exactly caused by how chainsaw teeth are made. One can find deep counts established at the entry of each one tooth which manages how deep the chain is trimming into the lumber. When the chain is sharpened the chainsaw will trim as deep as the evaluate will make it possible for. Nonetheless, this tool just isn’t going succeed any time the edge is dull and you feel yourself being forced to push the chainsaw much deeper to make the trim.

Chainsaw maintenance solutions

You can find 2 solutions below: carry the chain to a chainsaw maintenance retailer or alternatively you can easily sharpen it your self. The benefit of the last mentioned, though the idea is often boring and labor intensive, nevertheless it will probably undoubtedly work out far more budget-friendly. Thus you can examine ways that how to sharpen a chainsaw in your house.

Resources you will certainly prepare

You can easily assemble the following equipment separately or you can certainly get specific packages from your favorite DIY website.
Shielding mitts – to defend your hands and arms, Chainsaw file gauge, Flat file, Stiff brush and Can of resin solvent.

You are planning to work with a pretty strong equipment which might be dull for performing, nevertheless will continue to be very razor-sharp. Thus bear in mind achieve a chance to adhere to all these uncomplicated guidelines: Always put on your protecting mitts. Guarantee the equipment is turned off. Ensure that the chainsaw is on an actually durable work surface. Verify that the chain is appropriately tensioned if not it may slide and result in an incident and it will likely get your task doubly challenging.

Effective sharpening may need you include three spots: getting the major plate to the appropriate position; getting the part plate to the accurate position; the level measure should be submitted to the perfect chew. You shall be maintenance what is named the “operating” part. That is the major place of every chain. By inserting the chainsaw file evaluate over the tooth you may find the designated position the tooth should be sharpened at. Now insert the around file in opposition to the tooth and line-up it with the marks on the measure. When you press the file towards to the tooth, make certain to make it lined up to the position tag.

You should keep on processing the chain right up until any small grazes or destroys in the steel are eradicated. You will be aware your work is accomplished when the side of the cutting blades on the teeth are thoroughly clean and have a skinny stainless side. Constantly focus on the teeth on one section before altering the position to focus on the other side.

You have right now accomplished maintenance the edge of your chainsaw. We trust your chainsaw is in good condition and Definitely, is performing flawlessly, correct? When you know how to sharpen a chainsaw, you will probably save you a great deal of time and cash on chainsaw sharpening.


Well, do you have any idea that how to sharpen a chainsaw yourself?



electric-chainsawOften when you see people operating a chainsaw in a professional environment they are using a gas powered chainsaw, but not always. Electric chainsaws also have many uses and can sometimes be advantageous when used on certain jobs and settings.

Professional loggers and tree removal experts often use gas simply because they are portable, but if you’re a homeowner who just needs a small, simple and light chainsaw to complete some yard work or do a little pruning, an electric chainsaw is perfect.

One of the benefits to using an electric chainsaw is the size and weight. Electric chainsaws are much lighter than gas powered chainsaws. They are not as powerful in most cases, but they are certainly lightweight. For simple pruning of a tree in your yard, an electric chainsaw is preferable.

One of the downfalls that many people experience with electric chainsaws is finding adequate power to operate them. For those that are using them around their yard, it’s easy to plug them into an extension cord and have enough power to operate.

Some people look at electric chainsaws and immediately dismiss them, but they do have many benefits as well. For example, with electric chainsaws, they just don’t need as much maintenance as a gas chainsaw. You can use them, unplug them and then just put them in the garage or basement until the next use. There’s no fuel to drain and electric engines just don’t have some of the issues that gas engines have. Usually you just have to plug them into electricity and they’re ready to go. The trade-off of course is with the portability. As long as you are close to a building, you can plug them in, but if you are not, you will have to bring a long a generator, or buy a gas chainsaw.

Another positive aspect of an electric chainsaw is their cost. When you purchase a gas powered chainsaw, you are going to pay a premium for it. With an electric chainsaw, you can purchase them for a very low price, in many cases below $100 even when they are brand new.

Electric chainsaws are perfect for those concerned about the environment as well since their engines burn clean and they don’t have the emissions like gas chainsaws do. Today, with all the focus on greenhouse gas emissions, this makes electric chainsaws very practical and appealing.

The last benefit to electric chainsaws is the lack of kickback. With gas powered saws, they do experience some kickback and need a bit of practice to master. Electric chainsaws are easier to handle and perfect for a new user with no previous experience.

Next time you’re in the market for a new chainsaw, give an electric chainsaw a far look. They have many benefits and for the average homeowner looking to clean up their yard, they offer many benefits and are economical. There are many different manufacturers of electric chainsaws including Poulan, Dolmar and Homelite so you won’t have a hard time finding a great deal on an electric chainsaw.


ECHO CS-450PEcho chainsaws come in a number of different versions. The entry-level versions have a 30.5 CC motor. Echoes most powerful chainsaw provides incredible power and performance with an 80.7 cc engine.

Most of the chain saws in the echo line include top mounted air filters reinforced bars side accessed chain tensioner.

This year ago introduced a CS 310 which is a professional saw with a lightweight design.

For somebody who is an outdoor enthusiast, the CS 330 MX4 chainsaw comes with a camouflage pattern and a 32 CC 2 stroke engine. This model also includes an inertia chain break which will stop the chain rotation in 0.15 seconds. This model also includes a well designed handle which many users have described as providing excellent saw balance.

Other great features on this model include recessed or oil and gas caps that are color coded and securely connected.

All echo chainsaws come with a five year consumer and one year commercial warranty.

For longer lasting the engines echo has included an engine air filter that will spin out any dirt before it is filtered.

Many people say that echo chainsaws represent some of the best value in their class. It is very common for people to buy the mid grade echo chainsaws especially if you are in professional tree care of a farmer or a rancher.

A good example of an mid grade chainsaw from echo is the CS – 370. This model also includes echoes well-known inertia type chain brake and rear access automotive style filter. It also has an adjustable automatic oiler. This is a great feature which will always extend the life of the bar and the chain.

The most popular saw from echo is the CS – 670. This saw provides very good speed. It only ways 14 pounds and comes with a 24 inch bar and chain.

Echo is a company which is recognized as a leader in professional quality Power Equipment that is handheld. They have been making hand held land equipment t for over 30 years. Echo has a special relationship with Home Depot that began in 1994. While echo had sold to the consumer market for decades before partnering with Home Depot, this really made the company grow. Echo is owned by the Kioritz company of Japan and has over a dozen distributors in North America.

In addition to chain saws echo produces a number of other handheld gas powered homer and professional landscaping tools.

Many people like echo chainsaws because they are quite light. This is a good thing for people who arborists. It is important to keep your chain well oiled. Echo is well known for its black gray and orange color scheme. Many people will not buy echo as their primaries saw if they are professionals, however they make excellent back up the saws and parts are easily replaced.

If something breaks, bars and chains are always available at Home Depot for a great price and many people report that this sought burns less gas than other competitors like stihl.


Do you ever wonder how the whole chainsaw industry started? Dolmar Power Products is said to be the first to build a gas powered chainsaw. The founder of the company, Emil Lerp developed the chainsaw and began to mass produce it. This first chainsaw was called the “Type A” and it was a large machine that weighed over 100 pounds. Certainly not a machine for just one person to handle, but it began the search for the perfect chainsaw and allowed other manufacturers to have a starting point. The company then grew and developed many products over the years until it was acquired by Makita in 1991. The company is still based in Germany and builds some of the best chainsaws on the market today. The company, besides building the very first gas chainsaw also has the bragging rights to building the lightest gasoline powered chainsaw when it introduced the PS-221 TH in 2005.

DOLMAR CHAINSAWIn the gasoline chainsaw lineup, Dolmar has 22 different models to choose from. With so many models to choose from it’s not feasible to mention all of them here, but they all have similar features. Starting with one of their entry level chainsaws, the PS-34, it features an automatic chain lubrication system, a primer pump and a 1.9hp engine. This chainsaw will operate with either a 14 or 16 inch bar and should work well for homeowners who want a no-frills, durable and reliable chainsaw. Something to note regarding all Dolmar chainsaws are their unique handles, which help to reduce vibration, make them easy to handle and reduce fatigue when operating them for a long period of time.

There are a number of high quality Dolmar chainsaws and the largest model in the lineup is the Dolmar PS-9010. This is a large chainsaw that can easily meet the demands of the professional logger or tree removal business operators. It comes with an integrated chain brake, a high torque motor that puts out almost 7hp and it weights just 17.4 pounds. You can attach a 20,24,28 or 32 inch bar safely and this saw has plenty of power to handle almost anything that you can throw at it.

For many company’s, their electric chainsaws are more of an afterthought and people don’t expect much from them, but this isn’t the case with Dolmar. They put just as much quality design and thought into their electric chainsaws as they do their gas ones. They currently offer two different electric chainsaws that offer homeowners a small, lightweight chainsaw with plenty of power. Whether cleaning up around the yard in the spring, or cleaning up after a storm, a Dolmar electric chainsaw is a good choice. They weigh less than 10 pounds, meaning that they make a great pruning chainsaw and when you’re done, simply unplug them and put them away until next season. They’re low maintenance and easy to use so you don’t have to be a professional to get the most out of a Dolmar electric chainsaw.


Oregon chainsaw is the world’s largest maker of chainsaw chain and they have a full lineup of chains that will suit every chainsaw manufactured within the past few years. Whether you are a homeowner, occasional chainsaw user or a professional, chances are quite good that right now your chainsaw has an Oregon saw chain on it. Maybe you’re not familiar with chainsaw chain and you think that they are all the same. This is simply not true. There are a number of different kinds of saw chain that Oregon manufactures, each with a different purpose. Here’s a review of the various types of chain that Oregon currently makes.


Professional .325” Pitch Chain
This chain is made for professionals who want a low vibration chain that cuts fast, but is easy to sharpen. Special tie straps are included that ensure that the chain oil stays on the chain. These chains have been designed to reduce kickback and make the perfect replacement chain for a professional logger.

Low Kickback Chains
Made for speed and safety, these chains help with the terrible kickback that’s so common on gas powered chainsaws. They’re designed so that the wood chips exit fast and clean and the steel is made especially for durability even in cold conditions. Vibration is also reduced with these chains.

3/8” Pitch Professional Chains
When you want to cut a lot of clean wood, these chains are perfect. The cutters have been treated so that they will not corrode. They provide a clean, smooth cut and are easy to sharpen thanks to witness marks on the top plate. These chains are also designed to reduce vibration.

.404” Pitch Chains for Professionals
This chain works well for high volume cutting of clean wood. With reduced kickback and durable steel, these chains are preferred by pro’s who regularly use a .404” chain.

3/8” Narrow Kerf Chain
Requiring less power, these low kickback chains work well in smaller chainsaws. They can make a small, low powered chainsaw cut like a big, powerful saw. They’re easy to sharpen and stay oiled, reduce vibration and are perfect for occasional users.

Oregon also makes a number of specialty chains as well which offer superior performance in specialized situations. These include ripping chains and other chains for imported chainsaws, where replacements are hard to find. If you chainsaw needs both a new bar and chain, you can purchase both together from Oregon with their bar and chain combo packs. Purchasing them this way ensures that you are matching the right bar and chain together.

The chain is one of the most important parts of a chainsaw. In order for you to get the most out of your saw, it’s imperative that the chain is sharp. Whether you do that yourself or hire a professional to do it, that’s the only way that you can be assured that your chainsaw is working to the best of its ability. Make sure to follow all the recommendations of both your chainsaw manufacturer and the chain manufacturer and you can be assured of a hassle free use.


Jonsered chainsawWhat do you get when you spend 60 years perfecting chainsaw design and manufacturing processes? You get Jonsered chainsaws! These exceptional chainsaws are the product of years of testing and improvement until you end up with a great chainsaw. It’s this spirit of innovation that has lead the company since it began in the 1830’s in a small town in Sweden. First operating as a company that manufactured wood processing machinery and equipment, they transitioned into building chainsaws after their remarkable first attempt in 1954. When Jonsered first offered a chainsaw in 1954 the company was an innovator right from the start, building their first chainsaw that is quite similar to what we use today. They were one of the first to offer a one man chainsaw, in a world when the market was dominated by large chainsaws that took two men to operate. This first chainsaw was a hit and the company began to grow at a phenomenal rate after this point. Today the company is spread out all over the world, with factories in 10 countries and products are sold by over 6000 dealers that are committed to selling great products.

Within the small gas chainsaw lineup the CS 2238 is the entry level machine. It’s the perfect homeowner chainsaw, not too big, but also not too small. It will be perfect for pruning and storm cleanup and taking down small trees. It’s easy to handle and best of all, has a clean, environmentally friendly engine.

Jonsered is very strong in the 40 to 50cc mid-range chainsaws, offering 6 different models to choose from. For a homeowner that demands a little more from there chainsaw than a small chainsaw can provide, these are perfect. Even semi-professional loggers and tree trimmers enjoy the flexibility of a smaller chainsaw once in a while, and the Jonsered CS 2150, 2145, 2141, 2245 and 2250 are ideal.

Taking it to the next level, Jonsered offers 9 chainsaws in the 50 to 70cc range, which appeal more to professionals, but also to large woodlot owners. One unique chainsaw in the Jonsered lineup is the CS 2159 which features a carburetor that has built in fuel compensation, which means that the air and fuel mixture is always perfect, so you don’t lose power over time. This saw also has a catalytic converter that reduces emissions, which in today’s environmentally sensitive world, it very important.

When it comes to professional grade chainsaws, Jonsered has one of the most comprehensive lineups. Professionals who need to take down large trees, need a powerful chainsaw that’s going to be reliable. Within the 70-95cc range, Jonsered manufactures six different models. With all the features that professionals demand like a vibration dampening system, an oil pump that’s adjustable and rubber handle grip. These saws are great for big trees, especially hardwood trees and should easily meet the demands of even the most hardworking logger or professional.

Overall, Jonsered chainsaws are some of the best in the industry and especially for professionals, they have what it takes for productivity and profitability. In today’s economy we all know how important it is to make our money work hard for us and that’s exactly what Jonsered chainsaws will do.

Working with a Chainsaw Sharpener

Chainsaw SharpenerWhen you purchase items for work outside, you will also need to purchase the many accessories that can help ensure that the items work in as effective a manner as possible. For example, purchasing a chainsaw can be undermined if you do not have access to the much needed chainsaw sharpener that can help enhance and improve the way the chainsaw operates. In fact, owning a chainsaw sharpener should be seriously considered by anyone that regularly (or even occasionally) uses a chainsaw.

When a chainsaw is properly sharpened, it will operate in the most effective manner possible. That means the difficulty level of all tasks at hand will cease being all that difficult. A properly sharpened chainsaw will cut through all that it is tasked with cutting in a quick and efficient manner. This will dramatically reduce the amount of time one would have to waste working with a chainsaw that is not an effective tool.

Then, there is also an issue of safety at play as well. When a chainsaw is not properly sharpened, there will always be the potential for problems related with the chainsaw becoming stuck, the wood not being cut evenly and properly, or wood chips flying out of the bottom of the saw. Needless to say, all these hazards present very serious dangers which could result in extremely serious injury. Rather than face such a problem, would it not be a much better idea to purchase a chainsaw sharpener that will certainly improve the actual effectiveness of the saw. To do otherwise would present a safety risk that would not be tolerable.

Of course, the quality of the chainsaw sharpener will play a large role in its ability to be effective. No consumer should take a risk purchasing a sharpener that is decidedly low in quality since this would undermine the purpose of purchasing the saw in the first place. That is why is it certainly advisable to stick with a name brand sharpener that has a solid reputation for delivering quality. Again, to do otherwise means the chainsaw may very well not end up being properly sharpened. Really, what would be the benefit of that?

Sharpening your chainsaw regularly is also highly advisable. Purchasing the sharpener and not putting to good use will not help ensure the effectiveness and safety of the actual chainsaw. This does not mean that you must perpetually sharpen the chainsaw, but you should do it enough that the saw remains effective. Most people that have been using chainsaws for quite some time already know this. Those that are newbies should take the advice.

Also, store your chainsaw sharpener in a safe area that protects it from wear and tear. You would not want the sharpener to degrade in any way as this could cause a lot of harm to the sharpener and render it ineffective.