Do you ever wonder how the whole chainsaw industry started? Dolmar Power Products is said to be the first to build a gas powered chainsaw. The founder of the company, Emil Lerp developed the chainsaw and began to mass produce it. This first chainsaw was called the “Type A” and it was a large machine that weighed over 100 pounds. Certainly not a machine for just one person to handle, but it began the search for the perfect chainsaw and allowed other manufacturers to have a starting point. The company then grew and developed many products over the years until it was acquired by Makita in 1991. The company is still based in Germany and builds some of the best chainsaws on the market today. The company, besides building the very first gas chainsaw also has the bragging rights to building the lightest gasoline powered chainsaw when it introduced the PS-221 TH in 2005.

DOLMAR CHAINSAWIn the gasoline chainsaw lineup, Dolmar has 22 different models to choose from. With so many models to choose from it’s not feasible to mention all of them here, but they all have similar features. Starting with one of their entry level chainsaws, the PS-34, it features an automatic chain lubrication system, a primer pump and a 1.9hp engine. This chainsaw will operate with either a 14 or 16 inch bar and should work well for homeowners who want a no-frills, durable and reliable chainsaw. Something to note regarding all Dolmar chainsaws are their unique handles, which help to reduce vibration, make them easy to handle and reduce fatigue when operating them for a long period of time.

There are a number of high quality Dolmar chainsaws and the largest model in the lineup is the Dolmar PS-9010. This is a large chainsaw that can easily meet the demands of the professional logger or tree removal business operators. It comes with an integrated chain brake, a high torque motor that puts out almost 7hp and it weights just 17.4 pounds. You can attach a 20,24,28 or 32 inch bar safely and this saw has plenty of power to handle almost anything that you can throw at it.

For many company’s, their electric chainsaws are more of an afterthought and people don’t expect much from them, but this isn’t the case with Dolmar. They put just as much quality design and thought into their electric chainsaws as they do their gas ones. They currently offer two different electric chainsaws that offer homeowners a small, lightweight chainsaw with plenty of power. Whether cleaning up around the yard in the spring, or cleaning up after a storm, a Dolmar electric chainsaw is a good choice. They weigh less than 10 pounds, meaning that they make a great pruning chainsaw and when you’re done, simply unplug them and put them away until next season. They’re low maintenance and easy to use so you don’t have to be a professional to get the most out of a Dolmar electric chainsaw.



Oregon chainsaw is the world’s largest maker of chainsaw chain and they have a full lineup of chains that will suit every chainsaw manufactured within the past few years. Whether you are a homeowner, occasional chainsaw user or a professional, chances are quite good that right now your chainsaw has an Oregon saw chain on it. Maybe you’re not familiar with chainsaw chain and you think that they are all the same. This is simply not true. There are a number of different kinds of saw chain that Oregon manufactures, each with a different purpose. Here’s a review of the various types of chain that Oregon currently makes.


Professional .325” Pitch Chain
This chain is made for professionals who want a low vibration chain that cuts fast, but is easy to sharpen. Special tie straps are included that ensure that the chain oil stays on the chain. These chains have been designed to reduce kickback and make the perfect replacement chain for a professional logger.

Low Kickback Chains
Made for speed and safety, these chains help with the terrible kickback that’s so common on gas powered chainsaws. They’re designed so that the wood chips exit fast and clean and the steel is made especially for durability even in cold conditions. Vibration is also reduced with these chains.

3/8” Pitch Professional Chains
When you want to cut a lot of clean wood, these chains are perfect. The cutters have been treated so that they will not corrode. They provide a clean, smooth cut and are easy to sharpen thanks to witness marks on the top plate. These chains are also designed to reduce vibration.

.404” Pitch Chains for Professionals
This chain works well for high volume cutting of clean wood. With reduced kickback and durable steel, these chains are preferred by pro’s who regularly use a .404” chain.

3/8” Narrow Kerf Chain
Requiring less power, these low kickback chains work well in smaller chainsaws. They can make a small, low powered chainsaw cut like a big, powerful saw. They’re easy to sharpen and stay oiled, reduce vibration and are perfect for occasional users.

Oregon also makes a number of specialty chains as well which offer superior performance in specialized situations. These include ripping chains and other chains for imported chainsaws, where replacements are hard to find. If you chainsaw needs both a new bar and chain, you can purchase both together from Oregon with their bar and chain combo packs. Purchasing them this way ensures that you are matching the right bar and chain together.

The chain is one of the most important parts of a chainsaw. In order for you to get the most out of your saw, it’s imperative that the chain is sharp. Whether you do that yourself or hire a professional to do it, that’s the only way that you can be assured that your chainsaw is working to the best of its ability. Make sure to follow all the recommendations of both your chainsaw manufacturer and the chain manufacturer and you can be assured of a hassle free use.


Jonsered chainsawWhat do you get when you spend 60 years perfecting chainsaw design and manufacturing processes? You get Jonsered chainsaws! These exceptional chainsaws are the product of years of testing and improvement until you end up with a great chainsaw. It’s this spirit of innovation that has lead the company since it began in the 1830’s in a small town in Sweden. First operating as a company that manufactured wood processing machinery and equipment, they transitioned into building chainsaws after their remarkable first attempt in 1954. When Jonsered first offered a chainsaw in 1954 the company was an innovator right from the start, building their first chainsaw that is quite similar to what we use today. They were one of the first to offer a one man chainsaw, in a world when the market was dominated by large chainsaws that took two men to operate. This first chainsaw was a hit and the company began to grow at a phenomenal rate after this point. Today the company is spread out all over the world, with factories in 10 countries and products are sold by over 6000 dealers that are committed to selling great products.

Within the small gas chainsaw lineup the CS 2238 is the entry level machine. It’s the perfect homeowner chainsaw, not too big, but also not too small. It will be perfect for pruning and storm cleanup and taking down small trees. It’s easy to handle and best of all, has a clean, environmentally friendly engine.

Jonsered is very strong in the 40 to 50cc mid-range chainsaws, offering 6 different models to choose from. For a homeowner that demands a little more from there chainsaw than a small chainsaw can provide, these are perfect. Even semi-professional loggers and tree trimmers enjoy the flexibility of a smaller chainsaw once in a while, and the Jonsered CS 2150, 2145, 2141, 2245 and 2250 are ideal.

Taking it to the next level, Jonsered offers 9 chainsaws in the 50 to 70cc range, which appeal more to professionals, but also to large woodlot owners. One unique chainsaw in the Jonsered lineup is the CS 2159 which features a carburetor that has built in fuel compensation, which means that the air and fuel mixture is always perfect, so you don’t lose power over time. This saw also has a catalytic converter that reduces emissions, which in today’s environmentally sensitive world, it very important.

When it comes to professional grade chainsaws, Jonsered has one of the most comprehensive lineups. Professionals who need to take down large trees, need a powerful chainsaw that’s going to be reliable. Within the 70-95cc range, Jonsered manufactures six different models. With all the features that professionals demand like a vibration dampening system, an oil pump that’s adjustable and rubber handle grip. These saws are great for big trees, especially hardwood trees and should easily meet the demands of even the most hardworking logger or professional.

Overall, Jonsered chainsaws are some of the best in the industry and especially for professionals, they have what it takes for productivity and profitability. In today’s economy we all know how important it is to make our money work hard for us and that’s exactly what Jonsered chainsaws will do.

Working with a Chainsaw Sharpener

Chainsaw SharpenerWhen you purchase items for work outside, you will also need to purchase the many accessories that can help ensure that the items work in as effective a manner as possible. For example, purchasing a chainsaw can be undermined if you do not have access to the much needed chainsaw sharpener that can help enhance and improve the way the chainsaw operates. In fact, owning a chainsaw sharpener should be seriously considered by anyone that regularly (or even occasionally) uses a chainsaw.

When a chainsaw is properly sharpened, it will operate in the most effective manner possible. That means the difficulty level of all tasks at hand will cease being all that difficult. A properly sharpened chainsaw will cut through all that it is tasked with cutting in a quick and efficient manner. This will dramatically reduce the amount of time one would have to waste working with a chainsaw that is not an effective tool.

Then, there is also an issue of safety at play as well. When a chainsaw is not properly sharpened, there will always be the potential for problems related with the chainsaw becoming stuck, the wood not being cut evenly and properly, or wood chips flying out of the bottom of the saw. Needless to say, all these hazards present very serious dangers which could result in extremely serious injury. Rather than face such a problem, would it not be a much better idea to purchase a chainsaw sharpener that will certainly improve the actual effectiveness of the saw. To do otherwise would present a safety risk that would not be tolerable.

Of course, the quality of the chainsaw sharpener will play a large role in its ability to be effective. No consumer should take a risk purchasing a sharpener that is decidedly low in quality since this would undermine the purpose of purchasing the saw in the first place. That is why is it certainly advisable to stick with a name brand sharpener that has a solid reputation for delivering quality. Again, to do otherwise means the chainsaw may very well not end up being properly sharpened. Really, what would be the benefit of that?

Sharpening your chainsaw regularly is also highly advisable. Purchasing the sharpener and not putting to good use will not help ensure the effectiveness and safety of the actual chainsaw. This does not mean that you must perpetually sharpen the chainsaw, but you should do it enough that the saw remains effective. Most people that have been using chainsaws for quite some time already know this. Those that are newbies should take the advice.

Also, store your chainsaw sharpener in a safe area that protects it from wear and tear. You would not want the sharpener to degrade in any way as this could cause a lot of harm to the sharpener and render it ineffective.

Power tool guidelines: which power tool works for what?

Industrial power toolsThe power tool is an integral part of any master’s tool set. Quality power tool will make the work that you can’t do manually and become your best partner and companion in your construction job. You can create and repair everything you want all by yourself and save a lot of time and money. Power tool will make you a perfect model of a househusband!

What power tool is?

A power tool is a tool which is powered by the engine, electric motor, compressed air, burning fuel or natural power source (wind, water). Power tools can be stationary or portable (handheld). A stationary power tool that is used for metalworking is usually called machine tool. Their working productivity varies, and so do their costs and areas of use. Choose a power tool depending on your professional level and specific task.

Stationary power tools usually cost much not only for their speed but also for their accuracy. For example with a table saw your cut will be smoother and straighter comparing with a hand saw. If you strive for perfection in everything you do, you’d better opt for the best power tool.

Basic power tool set

A beginner can be confused by of power tool range, but it is not so black as it is painted. Basically, there is a small list of major tools that includes the following: drill, saws, the router, the electric sander and the lathe. This basic set of power tool devices will enable you to create or repair anything.

The term power tool also means a technique for greatly simplifying a complex task.

Nowadays, the most popular power source for the power tool is electricity. In the past, they were powered by water wheels, windmills, and steam. Thank God, these dog days are over, and 21st century relieves the task greatly. Nowadays, construction comes easy and all you need to do is find a free socket and turn the device on. Not large power tool may be either corded or battery-powered. The last variant is good for outdoor work. There are tools that use compressed air (nailers and paint sprayers), gasoline or gasoline-oil mixes (chainsaws and string trimmers). All in all, power tool is easy to operate and can turn a hard and annoying duty into a real pleasure.

Power tool pitfalls

A power tool is an extremely helpful thing but it can produce gratuitous noise and vibrations. If you don’t want to have a risk of hearing loss, use hearing protection. You can buy it in any specialized store. Remember that the level of 85 dB is dangerous for our ears. It should be specially noted that the protective measures are strongly recommended for any Industrial Power Tool. Don’t forget to protect your eyes working with a power tool that is sparkling or produce filings.

Also, check tips concerning floor sanding and top 7 power tools for woodworking. All in all, house improvement is something that happens to everyone sooner or later, but don’t be afraid – all you need for successful work is a good power tool.

Floor sanding for dummies: how to repair floors with floor sanding?

Floor sandingFloor sanding is a process you need for removing the top surfaces of a wooden floor with the help of sanding with abrasive materials. Such floor materials like cork, timber, particleboard or even parquet can be sanded. Floor sanding is an easy, convenient and affordable way to make your floor look beautiful and lasting. There is a great variety of materials suitable for floor sanding.

Floor sanding: How to?

Basically, there are three main stages of floor sanding: preparation, sanding, and coating. Each step is very important and must be undertaken by people who have the grasp of things with the usage of advanced quality construction tools.

Most floor sanding jobs are made by specialized sanding power tool. Common power tools for woodworking are not suitable here. The majority of the material is removed by Industrial Power Tool – drum sander. Sometimes it’s difficult to work with some definite pieces of flooring. Those places which impossible to reach (corners, edges, stairs) are sanded by an edge.

Before floor sanding, you should prepare the surface. Remove all the furniture and personal belongings, as well as garbage. All nails must be removed because they can damage the sanding machine. Ask your family members or any other people to keep out of the place. You should be concentrated on work, and your kith and kin rushing to and fro won’t help you in this. Minimize the risks for your family during the process of floor sanding.

The process of floor sanding

So, the First cut is done with coarse-grit papers. It removes old coatings and differences in height between the boards. Then the belt sander is used. To create the final sending you need a finishing machine. The last step is to coat the floor with oils or other sealants.

Floor sanding machines require a lot of supervision. Always bear in mind these machines are very powerful that’s why don’t leave them in one place for long, otherwise it will eat the floor. Keep it moving. Watch the wires – you can entangle in them. Pay attention to any weird “behavior” of the power tool: atypical noises, uncharacteristic vibrations, etc. These are all signs of improper work. Probably the elementary unplug-plug manipulation will bring it back to life, but you’d probably have to repair it in order to finish your floor sanding.

When floor sanding is good?

Floor sanding can really change the look and character of your old floor. If it is pretty old or was damaged, floor sanding will help you to make it look attractive again. But there is always a limit how much it can be sanded. Thus, sometimes very old or hardly damaged floors are beyond repair. Sometimes it is better to replace the floor. Floor sanding is good for most floorings though. Use advanced power tools for woodworking and optimize the results. So, if you are planning some repairing job in your house, don’t forget about floor sanding.

Industrial power tool characteristics: how to operate industrial power tool?

Industrial power tools

What is so special about industrial power tool? Well, construction is a pretty dangerous business with many risks involved. It is important to understand safety aspects of the tool while using it. Some tools may glitch

and cause harm to the owner. Over the years industrial power tool has become much more efficient and advanced in design and safety aspects. As a result, a number of injuries was reduced. Remember: industrial power tool should be safe!

Things to remember about industrial power tool

However, we need to remind ourselves now and again that we are using industrial power tool as a powerful piece of equipment that can cause a lot of damage and can be dangerous for our health and people around. An industrial power tool is a complicated machine, and you should learn everything about its working mechanism and safety beforehand.

Industrial power tool safety tips

Below we give some safety tips you need to follow next time you are operating any industrial power tool.

Using the right industrial power tool for the job in hand.

It occurs often when you are busy on a project and it is easier for you to use the industrial power tool at hand instead of appropriate one for the task. In this case, your work can have poor quality. Moreover, it can be dangerous sometimes, because you never know how this very type of tool will react on your manipulations and the material. You even can spoil the industrial power tool this way, so make sure you use appropriate tools for specific tasks.

Make sure you use industrial power tool correctly.

While using power tools, pay attention to the vibration impact that can have long-term effects on your body. Sometimes manuals seem to be too long and complicated to read, so some folks prefer to look it through very quickly, or sometimes even neglect instructions and do everything on their own. Bad idea. At best, you can spoil the item, at worst – get injured. Make your work with an industrial power tool is safe.

Industrial power tool and your family’s safety

Don’t forget to disconnect your industrial power tool from any power source after finishing your work with it. Unplugging the tool is crucial because an unexpected voltage swing or short circuit can “kill” your tool even when it is off. Make sure it is unplugged if you have children in the house! Protect your family from industrial power tool accidents.

Industrial power tools need to be inspected regularly.

Using industrial power tool in dirty construction sites can lead to a damage, that’s why you should inspect your tools regularly to ensure they are in full working order. In spite of the fact that such tools are made from much stronger materials, they can still be damaged. As everything in this world, industrial power tool can be worn out, too.

As you can see, industrial power tool, although very useful household device, requires a lot of caution. Also, check tips concerning floor sanding and top 7 power tools for woodworking to complete your education on industrial power tool work. Want to finish your house improvement asap? Buy industrial power tool!